Thursday, June 18, 2009

Warnings Of Various Sorts Now At Swoops Ground Zero

Warnings are now posted at SGZ. AB Chronicle staff is uncertain as to the purpose of the Swoops look-a-like cut-out affixed to the tree directly next to Swoops' nesting tree (see below). Is this a tribute to Swoops, part of the warning or a clue to something we have yet to discover?


  1. Clearly a sign to something we have yet to discover.

  2. hello,
    daniel here...went back to bring swoops some father's day treats...stayed from 9 to 12:30. swoops has much to be proud of on this day. lil swoops had moved to another tree and upon my arrival i got swooped! the little one did a lot of flying this morning. moved from one planter to another many times and then followed mom and dad across california to one of the very tall trees over there.swoops continues his vigil attacking seagulls like a trooper. i feel confident that this baby is out of any danger because its flying techniques have improved dramatically.

    oddly enough after yesterday's visit i walked up steiner to california and as walked down california toward fillmore i was nailed by one of swoops' distant cousins. couldn't see any sign of a nest or baby blackbirds, but i had to giggle over the fact that another brewer's blackbird was "doing his thing" just 4 blocks from my apartment.