Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photo Journal: The Babies Have Left The Nest

Swoops' nest has been abandoned. The babies are now taking up residence in the shrubbery across from City National Bank and exploring the area. For most of today, Little Swoops sat on
the sidewalk directly in front of the shrubbery planter. He looked frightened (PG&E is still overtaking the area with construction). After a while, Little Swoops took a walk down the street. A pigeon came to visit and Swipes followed to look over him. Swoops then came and fed him. Little Swoops tried and tried and could not get off the ground. Onlookers were concerned. Little Swoops took a running start and up he went a few inches off the ground. People encouraged him on. He tried once more and then took a break. He found a nice red doorway in which to rest. Swoops looked over him from atop some heavy machinery and Swipes looked on from a "No Parking" sign. Please no one open that door!!! Little Swoops' sibling ("Swoopini") spent most of the day in a lovely purple shrub. Swoopini chripped and chripped. She took to flight a couple times with great success always retuning to the purple shrub. Swoops and Swipes flew over the area keeping watch of the little ones. All seems to be
going well.

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  1. Oh no...I doubt I'll be able to handle it if one of the Swoopsies gets crushed...not for anything but why on earth did Mr and Mrs Swoops choose this busy area to procreate in? The mystery deepens.