Friday, June 5, 2009

Man With Newspaper Tries To Out Wit Swoops

A man was reported this afternoon walking with a newspaper on his head in an effort to avoid Swoops. The man scuried along peeking out from under the newspaper to monitor Swoops location. Swoops maintained his position on the ledge. No attack took place.


  1. The consensus of the 40 or so people watching from across the street was that Swoops attacks if you're any combination of:
    1) bald
    2) walking alone
    3) walking too close to the tree with the alleged next
    4) walking between the 2 trees to cross the street

  2. Yelp thread:

  3. Video:

  4. I went over at 11:30 and watched around 20 people go by. He only hit one person, but got him good. I was on the lookout and this victim was definately farther out on the sidewalk and alone, but not bald - although it may have been a hair piece.

  5. The "nest in the tree opposite" thesis is gathering pace in research circles. One avid researcher has evidence that Swoops may have a spouse or partner with young in the tree. I think any female bird trying to raise young in a tree less than a meter high on a busy thoroughfare wants her head examined, but maybe they're not the sharpest of blackbirds. Maybe they're just living on the wrong side of the tracks.