Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swoops' Little Ones Heard Chirping Happily

There was a delightful sound this morning at SGZ. Swoops' little ones were chirping melodies from their nesting tree. Swoops was standing guard and looking pleased. AB Chronicle staff is very proud of Swoops and his little ones. Soon they will fly. We will miss them.


  1. I hope I can get up to see swoop before his babies fly .I love this bird, all dads should protect there nest like this!! Everyday he makes my day! Go get a few more heads swoop! Good wake up call for some people. Hope to see you soon swoop. Kathleen ,Laguna Beach

  2. his little ones?? don't you think that swoops is a girl?

  3. Swoops is a male Brewer's Blackbird, as AB Chronicles can confirm. The females are brown, don't have the yellow eye, aren't iridescent.