Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News Vans Surround Swoops

Four news vans are currently at Swoops Ground Zero ("SGZ"). Swoops seems anxious. Turn off the lights.


  1. I've been nipped by this bird. I feel famous now.It didn't hurt me at all.

    This bird is awesome. It has clearly established its territory but it is not a threat. At worst people might consider it an "annoyance". Considering it's only defending it's nest, I can't blame it.

    People gather in large numbers at this intersection to watch hapless passerbys get harassed. It's become quite a spectacle.

  2. SAVE SWOOPS!!!!

  3. I have seen "Swoops" behavior for about the past 3 weeks. I work a block away on California. Probably I am one of the first ones to actively watch him/her since I have seen it every day. Used to be just me out there watching (on my smoke break) the spectacle and now there is always someone else out there. Today (6/10/09) there was channel KTSF taking pics and interviewing people. Must have been about 100 people watching "Swoops" at lunch. It looks like that there are also co-workers who are going down to the corner with their lunch and sitting across the street to take in the excitement! Also saw a couple of more TV cameras during the day. This blog is great and I love the CNN link. Go "Swoops"!!. If somebody hurts that bird and its kids in the nest, they had better watch out for the crowd that will beat the h*** out of them. It's just a bird protecting its nest (the 2nd tree from the corner).

  4. I just saw Swoops on the News on the Swiss national television. He's fast becoming the most famous bird in the world ( I actually live in Singapore).