Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swoops Continues To Draw Crowds

Crowds continue to gather throughout the day at the corner of Front Street and California. This little bird has captured our hearts.

The silver motorcycle is the one Swoops launched a double attack from earlier today (see below).


  1. Today i watched Swoops for 3 hours and am obviously not the only one in love with her.
    She has different modes, of course. Two that i've noticed:
    There's the obvious shorter strikes from the steel awning at the people walking too close to the middle tree, which get more frantic if they make the mistake of trying to squeeze between it and the parked cars it is close to. What tickles me or seem to be without the kind of heartrending element are the more casual or perfunctory, more languid swoops at pedestrians walking not so close to the tree...showing everyone who's in control, that she's on it, she's vigilant, it's all pretty well.
    After an hour i finally wondered why she (people seem convinced she's the mother) chose that vulnerable tree, with the larger, tall, fuller trees a block in each direction--are they full of competition? Was she (or they, the parents; who is the other slightly smaller blackbird who joins her briefly now and then on the awning?) with all her vigilance, in contrast, tired or disoriented at night? Or she fancied the viewing platform, from which to carry out her stealthy watch?
    Oh, ornithologists...

  2. oops,in love with him, that is, sorry.