Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Look Up

ABC (Attack Bird Chronicles) staff reporters have noticed an alarming tendency of Attack Bird to Hit and sometimes Double Hit pedestrians who look up at the bird. Awareness of the FSAB (Front Street Attack Bird) appears to contribute to your chances of being hit.


  1. standing up to the bird: after watching him attack others i went up close to the bird to snap his pic & see if he would attack me. he flew at my head but i ducked. sort of a detente. maybe i will go back for a rematch.

  2. I want to see video of this... even if I have to take it myself.

  3. He got me yesterday, right in front of a cameraman and a news reporter. She asked me several questions that were filmed. (Such as "What did it feel like?" and "Well, it is just protecting its nest--don't you think?"

    Has anyone seen any reports of Swoops on the local news programs? They were out there filming for about 30 minutes yesterday, so I expected to see something last night.