Monday, June 8, 2009

Swoops' Motivational Theory

The official Swoops' Viewing Area was abuzz with Swoops Motivational Theory today. Here is a synopsys of what Attack Bird Chronicles Staff could glean from the masses

1. There is obviously a nest in one of those trees. This is Swoops Ground Zero. Do not enter SGZ.
1(a). Do not let anybody mess with the tree!
2. Bald men garner more attention from Swoops than most.
3. Walking between any of the trees is a recipe for disaster - you will get hit (possibly multiple times) until you get all the way across the street.
4. Using a cell phone in the vicinity of SGZ increases your chances of being hit.
5. Knowing that you might get hit definitely increases your chances of said hit. Swoops is watching, and he can smell your fear.


  1. Oh jesus, he can smell my fear? I must reak.

  2. Yes, there is definitely a nest in the tree. We heard the nestlings and we saw the female mother blackbird also attending to the young. Thanks for keeping an eye out. The kids will need it when they fledge, on the ground at first. Swoops will probably get more protective then.

  3. I am in luvs with . . . a bird? Lol. It's true, Swoops what a sweetie!

  4. Magpies in Australia do this all the time!
    Have a look at this website "Magpies behaving badly"

    Tips to avoid being "swooped" include wearing sunglasses on top of your head, and wearing an upturned white icecream container on your head with EYES in black drawn on it.