Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewells To Swoops Flooding In From Around The Globe ... "We Miss You" "Nous Vous Manquons" "Мы пропускаем вас" "Wir Verfehlen Sie"


"Farewell Feathered Friends!
We will remember you always!"

"Nós faltamo-lo."

"... the Swoops Phenomenon really did bring some laughs and fun to an area where people usually keep their head down and go about their day. It gave random people in the financial district the opportunity to meet one another, laugh and converse. Maybe even a couple of human relationships blossomed out of the shared joy of watching Swoops divebomb unsuspecting pedestrians, ya never know. I'm glad the whole Swoops saga ended well."

"I have the picture of Little Swoops on Lunch Man's shoe on my desktop at work, everytime I see it I smile."

"Le faltamos, Swoops."

"Bye-bye Swoops family! Be safe! We'll miss ya'll."

"And the good thing is... Swoops didn't let all this fame get to his head... I hope next year he decides to have some more babies in that area. Until then... This is goodbye."

"The Blackbird family brought laughs and joy to an area that is known for neither laughs nor joy."

"As suddenly as the terror started, it is gone. I hope the whole Swoops family is safe and sound and maybe Swoops and Swipes are training the babies on head bombing somewhere right now!"

"One thing to keep in mind is that birds often return to prior nesting grounds on an annual basis. So in June 2010, keep your head up on Front Street."

"I miss Swoops too...I'm going to go put birdseed on my head and see if a NYC blackbird will attack just won't be the same. =["

"I miss Swoops."

"I miss Swoops too."

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  1. Thank you so much to the entire Swoops family and the wonderful Swoops' writers - - you brought a lot of fun to the financial district!