Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are Swoops And Family Actually Off Hiking The Appalacian Trail?

The answer to whether Swoops and his family did indeed disappear from Front Street and California may have been answered this afternoon. Reports have been coming in consistently that Swoops and his family may actually be off hiking the Appalachian Trial. True? Quite a bit of alleged action on that trail as of late. Pass on the left. Slow traffic to the right.


  1. daniel here again...didn't go down today or yesterday (tuesday)...i'm pretty sure they are gone...but it will be spring again and who knows what 2010 will bring?

    i do however have a gift for you that i know you will lve and find inspiring re the swoops project. thanks for making me one of the judges...let me know when you're ready to judge the entries.

    re the gift...i could mail it or we could meet down at front & ca.
    let me know

  2. I miss Swoops too...I'm going to go put birdseed on my head and see if a NYC blackbird will attack just won't be the same. =[

  3. learn more about Brewer's Blackbirds, I've been twittering ;-0