Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Attack Bird Stakes His Claim

Front Street Attack Bird has been in operation for at least a week, with personal verification each day since last Friday. Attacks are perpetrated approximately every 50 seconds and the following styles are employed (in order of agression):
1. The Flyby
2. Standard "Hit"
3. Double Hits (closely timed)
4. Double Hits (second hit after victim thinks he is in the clear)
5. "Pecks" (beak attacks)
6. "Hit & Peck"

No triple hits have yet been recorded.

Location: Ledge above Citi National Bank at Front Street and California.


  1. I was hit Sunday around 9:30 a.m. I parked my car at the corner of Front Street and California and as soon as I got out and closed the door I was hit. I looked around and could not find the culprit. When I returned to the car later on, the bird was waiting on his ledge above Citi National Bank. He swooped in and waved my hands frantically in the air. He retreated. I put my hands down to open the car door and he made another pass at my head. I shook my head side to side to keep the target moving. I escaped without a second attack to my head. I have returned each day to this corner to witness the reoccurring attacks. It is hysterical!!!

  2. It presumed to be a Brewers Blackbird.

  3. "Swoops" got me on Friday as well.

  4. I got the Hit & Peck :(

  5. I've been hit ... twice. (You'd think I would learn.) The second time was just after I finished laughing at my friend, whom I knowingly lured to the spot. The Attack Bird takes no prisoners.

  6. funny, I found no aggression. the bird did swoop in on me but it was to punch in the keypad on my car door- I thought it was pretty cool- I dont know what your all complaining about

  7. "Swoops" is great! He's just letting all of the yuppies and Gen Xrs know this is his hood. It's amazing to see how many folks can sit and be entertained by bird attacks. Unfortunately he jumped on an old lady and no one warned her - the lunch crowd just laughed.Bad karma.