Thursday, June 4, 2009

DPT Officer on Bike Attacked

An attack by Swoops (aka: Front Street Attack Bird (FSAB)) was made on a DPT officer riding his bike on Front Street this morning. The DPT officer was pedaling along wearing the standard issue DPT black bike helmet and uniform. Swoops shot him a glance and then went in for a direct hit on the head of the unsuspecting DPT officer. Swoops landed on the plastic helmet, pecked and retreated. No reaction by the DPT officer. Swoops went in again for another peck on the DPT officer's head and again retreated. The DPT officer brushed his hand across the top of his helmet twice and paused. He stopped pedaling and let the bike coast as he looked to his right side. He did not see the bird. Swoops was already back on his ledge. The DPT officer then rode off the curb trying to look really cool and rugged. From across the street he did not look cool or rugged.

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