Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Man Reports Swoops "Took A Chunk Out of Me"

Swoops reportedly took a "chunk" out of a man this morning. The man states "[h]e took a chunk out of me this morning." The extent of the alleged "chunk" injury has not yet been confirmed.



  1. I went over and checked it out at lunch, saw a confirmed hit by Swoops on a small woman wearing a hood. She immediately grabbed her head and spun around trying to figure out what happened. Then along came two meatheads in overalls that started messing with the tree to create an attack, boooooooooo!

  2. This is right across the street from our office (we're in the 5th floor of the Charles Schwaub building... missed the meatheads, but seeing plenty of Swoops in action!

  3. Masterlock - wow. You got your jollies at the expense of some "small woman". Gee - that must make you feel very tall and proud, huh? And those mean old meatheads... Kinda proves you must have a teensie little weiner: laughing at small women and afraid of big burly men! HA!