Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swoops Wins Spot On Swiss Newscast

A man living in Singapore reported that he first learned of Swoops from a newscast coming out of Switzerland.


  1. there is a smooshed (dead) baby bird on the sidewalk of the corner across california street from swoops. i saw it while walking to bart tonight. :(

  2. Does Swoops have a Facebook or Twitter yet?

  3. "Swoops the Front Street Attack Bird" on Facebook

  4. The Brewers Blackbird.

    We have these downtown near the lake resort where the street is bordered by trees that they nest in. Several families of these birds take turns bombing people that pass under their territories.

    They start "chiping" when you approach their terroitory, then once your back is to them they swoop down at you -you can hear them coming- and veer off about a foot or two from the back of your head. Both male and female will come at you.

    The only time I have ever known them to make contact with someone was with myself, and that was because I had picked up one of their little ones. I have seen their young just sitting on the sidewalk, oblivious is to everything.

    I love nature. These guys are great.

  5. Can we broke the nest down?