Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mysterious Pile Of Bird Seed Appears On Swoops' Curb

A pile of bird seed appeared on the curb this morning at SGZ. It is not yet determined who left the pile or if Swoops has sampled the seed. We do know however that the pigeons are thrilled by its miraculous appearance. Suspicion has been raised that the benefactor is indeed the "woman that tosses 150 pounds of bird seed a day." (see link)

AB Chronicle staff is attempting to make contact with bird experts to learn if such seed is beneficial to Swoops and his little ones. Report to follow.


  1. My, all the people jumping up and down about the ILLEGALITY of moving the bird's nest to somewhere safer, and yet not one cry of protest over that bitch promoting dirty, disease infested birds by ILLEGALLY FEEDING THEM. Guess you're all just hypocrites, huh?

  2. Oh, brother. If you are so hateful about it, stop reading the blog. Really, it's not worth the stress it is obviously causing you. If people want to ooh and ahh over the bird, that's their business. If you don't like it, for cryin' out loud find something else to read that you LIKE. Find something that actually pleases you and makes you happy (if there is such a thing for you). Leave these people alone. There is an old Irish drinking song that has the line "...and if you don't like me, well leave me alone!" Take a lesson from that and just go the heck away! No one here is going to "follow" and/or "harrass" you, trust me. Honestly they would probably just be grateful to you for your absence.