Friday, June 19, 2009

Obviously, More Of A Cat Person

AB Chronicle Staff witnessed a remarkable face off between Swoops and this peculiar lady who did not take well to our feathered friend's attentions. She apparently thought she could stare down Swoops from the edge of Swoops Ground Zero.

It did not end well for her.
(the crowd loved it).


  1. Does this mean Swoops has returned to Swoopsville?

    And good to know that San Fran has their share of demented, scientifically challenged idiots who try to stare down birds.

  2. HEY!!! That's me! I may be peculiar but I am definitely NOT demented hahaha! And I AM a cat person BUT I love all animals :-) Funny how I didn't notice this entry until today LOL!!! Thank you AB Chronicle staff for putting me in this blog :-)

  3. Sorry for calling you demented...=[ Peculiar is the best kind of crazy! =]