Monday, August 24, 2009

Cable Cars Come To A Halt. Tadich Grill Blamed!

Tadich Grill, one of the oldest restaurants in all of San Francisco, is blamed for filling the Financial District with smoke and bringing our very own cable cars to a halt this afternoon. Buses will be available to take stranded cable car riders to there desitinations. Please, no hanging off the side!


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  3. hello,

    i was in financial district today and decided to check out the nest. i am sorry to say that it has been removed. perhaps deliberately, perhaps without malice while the trees were being trimmed back this fall. can't understand why they need to prune trees that are still so small....all the trees in the area look smaller than they were last june. so, my hopes that we all would have a repeat performance in spring 2010 may be a bit slimmer than before today's discovery. i understand that often birds will return to their past nest if they can. so we can hope that whatever inspired swoops and swipes to choose that particular tree in that particular block, will again inspire them or another pair of this special species to do the all of you who enjoyed last june on the corner of front and california, happy holidays...heads up spring 2010...may we be blessed again as we were this year.
    daniel...aka-jean jacket man

  4. I enjoyed reading the comments, thanks!

  5. Look forward to dine in on that restaurant you’re talking about.

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